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What do ether bonds do for compounds?
Sterols represent which kingdom?
But what happens when they enter the geosphere?
When was there evidence of O2 in the atmosphere?
Brocks et al 1999 studied what?
What was done with the shale?
What does this enable to be identified?
Ramussen 2008 had what problem discovered by isotopes?
Welander et al 2010 found a gene in what?
What was it for?
Where was the gene also found?
What did Ricci et al 2014 find out about it?
What do mass extinctions usually coincide with?
what pigment can be used to test for it?
Why is green sulphur bacteria useful?
Where do they live?
So what does this show?
Isorenieratene is what?
What is it composed of?
What can they be used as a marker of?

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