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QUIZ: Can you name the Biomarkers 2?

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In early alteration what happens to organic matter?
What are lipids less susceptible to?
What do carbon skeletons resist?
What does higher reflectance mean for a compound?
Which group makes a compound an alcohol?
Which groups are lost overtime?
Which part of a molecule remains?
What is the typical compound of Bacteria?
And for Eucarya?
And for Archaea?
What does cholesterol affect?
The membrane lipids of bacteria have what?
And for Eucarya?
And for Archaea?
What does this structure do for archaea?
Why are photosynthetic pigments useful as biomarkers?
If it's a sterane what is the origin?
So what organism is the origin?
A long chain hydrocarbon is from what type of plant?
What type of carbon is an alkenone?
What does alkenone have a linear relationship with?

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