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What are carbohydrates made out of?
Monosaccharide units are linked by what bond?
How is this bond formed?
What is the function of chitin?
What are polysaccharides broken down into?
By what process are they broken down?
What are they precursors for?
Which part of the amino acid distinguishes them from each other?
Which type of bonds join amino acids together?
Which parts of the amino acids are bonded together?
What functions do amino acids have?
Glycerides are composed of what?
What are triglycerides composed of?
What is the function of triglycerides?
Why do tricglycerides release more energy than carbohydrates?
Membrane lipids are usually composed of what?
The membrane lipids have what structural components that makes them functional for the membrane?
What are terpenoids made up of?
Why do marine/aquatic plants have different components than terrestrial plants?
What is marine/aquatic organic matter enriched in?
What is used as the standard against carbon isotopes?
Why is organic matter considered light?
What isotope is preferred by organisms?
What is the fractionation factor called?
What is lighter than algal biomass?
What is the fate of organic matter during diagenesis and catagenesis?
Where is most biomass produced?
Why is there a lot of production in west Africa?
How does continental runoff increase primary productivity in the sea?
Why does the north atlantic not have as high carbon concentration?
What foes advection and lateral transport effect?
When does denitrification happen?
In diagenesis which compound leaves first?
Lipds have a higher preservation rate than what?
Lipids therefore become enriched, true or false?
When does catagenesis come into effect?
So what else is affecting it?
At the deepest depth what is left?
What is the thermal maturation of organic matter driven by?
How is it measured?
At Ro ~0.4 what bonds break?
At Ro ~0.6 what bonds break?
Solvent insoluble polymeric organic matter in sedimentary rocks = ?
In situ hydrocarbons and other organic compounds in sedimentary rocks which can be extracted by organic solvents = ?
Naturally occurring liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon-rich fluid formed from bitumen and the thermal breakdown of the kerogen in fine-grained, organic rich sedimentary rocks

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