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Biology of extinction?

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How long do species survive for?
What is the average length of survival?
How many of the species that have existed are extinct?
What percentage of extinctions does the background rate of extinction cause?
Species are vulnerable if they cannot adapt to change, what are 2 examples of this?
Which species are most at risk?
What are factors causing current extinctions?
The rise in holothurians, bivalves and polychaete worms causing sparsity in soft marine mud is an example of what?
Why do complex ecosystems have less stable food chains?
Why are food chains dynamically unstable?
Why are baleen whales in the Arctic successful?
How many recorded mass extinctions have there been?
What was the Permian extinction due to?
When was the rise of the earliest mammals?
What event allowed the adaptive radiation of mammals?
Which habitat suffers the most species losses?
What is the deforestation rate per year?
The extinction of birds following colonisation by humans accounts for what percentage of endemic species extinctions?
After a spate of extinctions, how long does it take for balance to be re-established?
Hawaii was colonised in 400 AD, which bird went extinct in 2004?
What percentage of extinctions since 1600 have been endemic to one country?
And what percentage of them were island endemics?
How many more years did known extinctions on islands happen before the continents?
How many species of introduced insect and spiders does Hawaii have?
How many of the 270 000 plant species are now extinct?
What do exotic plant species provide for ecosystems?
Which snake is spreading through the specific?

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