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Who first coined 'biodiversity'?
What was held at Rio in 1922?
How many countries signed?
What are the 3 components of biodiversity?
What is genetic diversity needed for?
The range of evolutionary and ecological adaptations of species to particular environments =?
If there is variation in different parts of a species range, what can they be called?
What does this show about an species?
Why is this difficult for conservationists?
Collective response of species to different environmental conditions, diversity reflected in species composition, abundance, richness, distribution within and between habitats =?
Diversity reflected in proportion distribution, richness of types of patches,fragmentation, distance between habitat patches etc =?
What diversity does biodiversity include?
What levels need to be conserved for the survival of species and communities?
Who created a system for describing species?
Which species concept is more useful for conservationists?
And why is this?
How many new species are described each year?
What can be used to estimate the global number of a group?
How do we measure species diversity?
What does the first measure?
What does the second take into account where the first doesn't?
If it is more even what does it show?
What does the third then do?
Variation within a site or habitat =?
Differences between habitats =?
An area with a range of dissimilar habitats has high what diversity?
Variation over large areas (continents) =?
What were the triage Myers 1979 used to classify species?

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