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Behaviour and genes?

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Berthold et al 1990 did what 'food' experiment?
What animal did they use?
What were they investigating?
What did the hybrids show?
So what does this show about their genes?
Doherty and Gerhadt 1983 studied which animal?
What aspect of the animal were they investigating?
What did they discover about hybrids?
However, what is the issue with this experiment?
What are the two methods to test adaptation?
Who used the first method on birds?
What were they investigating about birds?
What are the 2 examples for the second method?
What are the 2 problems with the second method?
The epicentre of behavioural regulation in all species = ?
Dunbar and Shultz 2007 found what similarity in pair-bonded vertebrates?
Sol et al 2005 found what about resident birds compared to migratory birds?
Sol et al 2007 found what about bird species mortality?
Sol et al 2008 found what about alien mammal species?
Sherry et al 1989 found what about the hippocampus in birds?
O'Donnell et al 2014 did a study on which species?
What were the observations of the brains of the workers and queens?
Plasticity dictates what for a species?
Kaun et al 2007 studied which animal?
What were the two phenotypes of it studied?
Burns et al 2012 discovered what about the larvae of the animal?
Wang, Wurm et al 2013 studied what in ants?
What were the 2 social morphs?
Which was the gene investigated?
Which genotype determines the morph?
The worker genotype BB accepts what only?
The wroker genotypes of BB and Bb accepts what?
In Honeybees what are the 2 worker types?
What can happen during a workers life?
And what is this regulated by?

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