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What are the 2 modes of particle transport?
What arises from bedload transport?
The interaction with what allows a particle to be transported sideways?
What has to be greater than the weight holding a particle in its position for it to move?
Forces acting relative to a fixed point are called what?
The moment of a force is its magnitude multiplied by what?
For force balance of bedload transport, what 2 things have to be equal?
The term denoting non-dimensional stress is what?
The slope angle is given what term?
The group containing information about the size of the angle is what?
0cr is what?
And what happens when 0cr is met?
If the slope is higher, what becomes easier?
What does this mean less of is required?
The stress a flow exerts on the base of a channel, or the stress the base of a channel exerts on the flow depends on what?
What describes roughness?
What does this coefficient depend on?
What flows can bedload transport occur in?
What is the rate of transport directly proportional to?
What does the Peter and Muller 1948 equation relate the difference between the stress exerted by the dlow at the boundary and the critical stress for bedload transport to?
The greater the difference in stress, the greater what?
Q in the equation is what?
We can estimate the boundary stress from observable properties of the channel and flow conditions when the flow is what?
As most channels are not horizontal, we can be estimated?
As rivers and other channelised flows, flow from high to low ground, what is the driving force?

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