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Animal territory and Stigmergy?

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Why are animals territorial?
When could a territory be established?
What defines a territory?
What determines territory size and shape?
What can define the edges/size of a territory?
How did Huxley 1934 describe territories?
What cues are used to mark a territory?
Giraffes mark a territory through what?
Eagle owls mark a territory through what?
When an animal uses a special signalling device, this is called what?
Examples of acoustic marking includes what?
Why is scent marking advantageous for an animal to maintain a territory?
What is used for scent marking/
What are some examples of animals that use urine?
What are some examples of animals that use faeces?
As well as encountering a scent, how do animals define territory boundaries?
What is it called when an animal retreats at a scent?
What are the 2 factors that determine territory size and location?
After the mange epizootic in Bristol, what happened to the average territory size of the remaining foxes?
BUT, what happened to the average scent time?
What is stigmergy?
What happens between the interacting agents?
The essential features of a stigmergic process includes what?

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