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Why might animals need to travel between places?
What orientational cues might animals use?
Long distance migration is the result of what?
For long distance migration, what cues might animals use?
An internal sense of direction and distance to a known location describes what?
What animal is an example for this?
How does it use the mechanism?
In what group of animals has path integration been confirmed?
Srinivasan 1981 proved this by seeing what in ants?
What are the 2 general mechanisms for spatial orientation?
What are problems with path integration?
What are the advantages of path integration?
What are beacons?
What is a drawback of using beacons?
What can distant cues also be called?
What is an experiment done for distant cues?
How are landmarks used?
How does a template work for spatial orientation?
When the landmark was doubled in size, what was the result on the bee?
Experiments with the digger wasps showed that what type of landmarks are preferred?
Who came up with vector sum and multiple bearings?
When search experiments on gerbils were performed for the vector sum model, what was shown when landmarks were moved?
When is the multiple bearings model more useful for animals?
Honeybees and desert ants are known to learn what in addition to path integration?
What animal uses the multiple bearings model?
Who saw this?
What was the animal using it for?
O'Keefe and Nadal 1978 hypothesised that humans learn their environment through what?
And what is this a set of?
Where in the brain is this said to be processed in?
What type of maps do bees have?

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