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Animal communication and language?

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Why do animals communicate?
What is the problem with communication?
What are elements of communication?
Animals perform signals with opposing meanings and forms, what is this called?
What systems do animals use to communicate?
What 2 forms can chemical signals take?
Choe et al 2012 showed that the sex-pheremone in nematodes is what?
Why are visual signals useful?
Zahavi 1975 stated that only the fittest peacock males could overcome the costs of the tail, this hypothesis is called what?
Gould and Towne 1987 described what communication in bees as 'only exceeded in complexity by humans'?
Seeley 1985 found that bees alter their what in response to the sun?
Riley et al 2005 found evidence for what about the bee communication?
Bonobos and Chimpanzees use how many manual gestures?
Captive chimpanzees produced what in response to different types of foods?
Chickens produce what 2 distinctive what?
And what are the 2 things?
Why are they useful?
Evans, Evans and Marler 1993 found what about roosters?
Why is this?
When the aggressive 'wrr' sound was played to Vervet monekys without a group, what was seen overtime?
Greene and Davis 2005 found out what about chickadee alarm call?
Harvey 2008 found that dolphins have what for individual recognition?
What was found about male calves?
Why is this?
What type of learning are the dolphins showing?
Macphail 1982 said what about language?
Hockett 1960 created 13 different criteria for language, what animal only satisfied the criteria?
Gardner and Gardner taught how many signed words to Washoe?
How many words was Koko the gorilla thought to understand?
Rumbaugh et al 1986 taught what to Kanzi?
Kanzi had a similar level of speech to what age of human child?
Why can't apes learn to speak like humans?

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