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Vertebrates use the geometric shape defined by the landmark as what?
Rodents use what type of system?
Birds and diurnal insects use what as a compass?
What are nocturnal insects able to used, however they are faint cues?
Birds use what earth guide?
Cheng K 1986 tested what animal to investigate geometrical information?
If the shapes were identical, how successful were the rats at digging in the correct place?
If the shapes were identical, but the walls were different, how successful were they?
Gerbils have been experimented on and show that they will compensate for which type of errors?
This is because what system allows them to measure inertial forces?
To be able to use the sun as a directional compass, what is required?
What can be altered in birds to test their spatial orientation and landmark cues?
When the biological clock was altered, what happened when the bird flew to migrate?
What 3 environmental cues were experimented on for birds?
For all adjustments to the magnetic field while a bird is kept in a cage, what happens after one night?
von Saint Paul 1982 and Srinivasan et all 1996 found that geese and honeybees determine distanc eusing what method?
Wohlgemuth et al 2001 found that ants determine distance how?
When there are multiple cues, that can cause conflicting information, how do animals select cues?
If a landmark is far away, is it important than a close one?
Experiments on cue competition has found what about stronger cues?
When a rat is tested for its beacon and landmark use, if the beacon is removed what happens?

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