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Forced Order
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President of the General Chapter in 1896(author of the Manual)
When did Morrison attend MU
Members who have been Phis for 50 years are honored as
First Fraternity at Miami University
What year was the alumni club first organized
Where did Robert Morrison attend college in 1839
One of the Immortal Six (RM)
Revolt on January 12, 1848 against the MU administration
Where is the Memorial Library and General Headquarters Building located
Guy who fought Alpha Delta Phi but then saw the value in them
How many active chapters of Phi Delta Theta are there today
One of the Immortal Six (AWalkerR)
First pledge of Phi Delta Theta
George Banta and Walter B Palmer are considered to be the
First University in Canada that Phi Delta Theta expanded to
BE ABLE TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE IMMORTAL SIX (just type ok for this question)
The fundamental law of the Fraternity
President of the General Chapter in 1880 (Editor of the 4th and 5th editions of the Catalogue)
Who signed the Bond first
What was the first chapter in the state called?
First Fraternity to expand into Canada
What event suspended chapters from 1864-1868
Date Phi Delta Theta was founded
One of the Immortal Six (JWL)
President of MU who wanted the first Fraternity to disband
Where was the first state convention represented by the chapter
Which University built the first house owned by Phi Delta Theta
Every 5 years after being honored as a Gold Legionnaire, members are honored as this
When is Founders Day
One of the Immortal Six (RTD)
What do Phis get inducted into after 25 years
One of the Immortal Six (AWattsR)
What year was the first branch created
Fraternities of the Miami Triad of 1856 (founded first-founded last)
One of the Immortal Six (JMW)
Second Fraternity at Miami University
Who had strong character, deep conviction, and unusual ability
Where was the first branch of Phi Delta Theta located
Where was Phi Delta Theta founded
President of MU during the time of the GSR of 1848

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