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Can you name the 'mostest' landforms found in nature?

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LandformName Contintent
Largest Island (not a continent)North America
Largest SeaNot Applicable
Widest RiverSouth America
Largest Volcano (by base area)North America
Largest GlacierAntarctica
Largest Desert (subtropical)Africa
Largest Lake (freshwater)North America
Largest BayAsia
Highest WatefallSouth America
Tallest Mountain (above sea level)Asia
Largest Coral ReffAustralia
Largest OceanNot Applicable
Deepest RiverAfrica
LandformName Contintent
Lowest Place On Land Asia
Longest CaveNorth America
Largest Lake (Saltwater)Europe/Asia
Largest PeninsulaAsia
Deepest Ocean DepthAsia (closest)
Largest Canyon (by length)North America
Tallest Mountain (base to peak)North America
Longest RiverAfrica
Highest Cliff (straight vertical drop)North America
Largest Archipeligo (island chain)Asia
Deepest Lake Asia
Largest GulfNorth America

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