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QUIZ: Can you distinguish the real James Bond movie moments from the fakes? (See Note)

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Movie Detail(B)ond or (N)on?Source
Bond learns his next clue from a talking parrot
James Bond teams up with the Mujahideen and bombs Western forces.
Bond joins a circus to find an assassin
A bad guy is revealed to be immortal
Bond's bandages hilariously allow him to hide amongst mummies at a museum
James Bond dresses up as Adolf Hitler
Bond wears a gorilla suit to hide from enemies
The wheelchair bound villain reveals that he can in fact walk
The villain is secretly James Bond's brother
The villain escapes from his dressing as an old lady!
Bond creates a makeshift skateboard to chase after a suspect
Bond creates a snowboard to escape enemies
Bond gets into a swordfight with Madonna
The bad guy constructs a fancy demonstration of his plot to show people he's just going to kill in a few minutes.
A henchman with metal teeth falls in love...with a girl wearing braces!
The villain is revealed to be a Nazi medical experiment
Bond is pursued by an angry lumberjack henchman in Canada
Bond has to fight off hockey players at an ice rink...and drives off on a zamboni!
Someone does a Wilhelm Scream
Bond turns down a girl's request to sleep with him
Bond infiltrates the villain's hideout in a giant hamster ball
Several beautiful girls are hypnotized to kill Bond
Richard Nixon congratulates Bond for a job well done
Margaret Thatcher wants to thank Bond by video call...but the feed shows him in bed with a woman!
The bad guy impresses everybody in the room with magic and card tricks
Movie Detail(B)ond or (N)on?Source
The villain has a secret volcano lair
James Bond is chased by remote-controlled sharks
A character is played by a different actor later in the same movie
The villain wants Bond to join him in his evil schemes
The villain offers Bond a stainless steel delicatessen
The villain falls off a cliff but Bond saves himself by grabbing a bell and then says, 'Saved by the bell.'
Bond dispenses of a guy by splashing hot coffee on him and says, 'Good to the last drop.'
Cowboys and Indians come to the rescue
The lead girl is with her lover at the end, never interested in Bond romantically
Bond is scared of his own reflection
Bond knows the scientific name of a rare poisonous plant found only in the Amazon
The villain creates a garden that kills anybody who enters
James Bond is brainwashed to kill M
The villain is actually a German soldier mistakenly rescued by the British in WWII who pretended to be English ever since
The villain wants to steal all the water in a country
The villain wants to blow up the world
Bond throws a henchman over a railing who blows up in midair
The villain gives away his disguise by letting it slip that he is ambidextrous
James Bond gives away the fact that he knows the villain is secretly evil within minutes of meeting him while undercover
James Bond escapes a giant space laser by paragliding on a tsunami
Bond gets to talk to a girl because of his sweet video games skills
Bond lasts the movie without killing anybody
James Bond goes to the moon
Denise Richards plays a nuclear physicist
James Bond dies. The end.

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