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Can you name the people or things associated with the King of All Media, Howard Stern?

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Long time Stern side-kick. Known to be the 'voice of reason' on the show. She inspires numerous song parodies. Has 34-G's.
Replaced Jackie 'The Jokeman' Martling. Best known for his gravely voice and heroin addiction.
Game played every Thursday (since moving to Sirius)with Mike Walker from the National Enquirer.
Stern Show producer and co-host of the Wrap-up Show. Known for an infamous first pitch at Citi Field.
Show writer who sits in studio. Known to have lied about his age and is a graduate of Penn State University.
The King of All Media.
Show writer best known for his prank calls and racial jokes.
Won the contest 'Win John's Job' and is best know for his prank calls and awful personal hygiene.
Creator of the web-site 'Jump the Shark'. Co-Host of The Wrap-Up Show.
Stern's personal stylist and frequent caller to the show.
Howard's supermodel second wife.
Howard's Mother
Howard 100 News reporter who used to have a radio program with Ed Lover and Doctor Dré on Hot 97 FM. Plus she takes **** at work.
Howard 100 News reporter and comedian who signs off with his catch phrase, 'Shalom, Biatch!'
Responsible for sound effects and telling Howard when to break. Married a woman he met during a Dial-A-Date. Known for his impressions
Stern Show Announcer best known for his famous voice.
Howard 100 News reporter who used to work for NBC News. Is said to have a huge penis.
Self-proclaimed 'Jolly Dwarf' who suffers from dwarfism and microcephaly.
Frequent caller. Artie does a spot-on impression of him. Lives in a trailer. Only has use of one arm.
Frequent caller. Is a little person. Wants to be an actor.
Best known for his speech impediment and asking celebrities off color questions at red-carpet events. Now works for Jay Leno.
Impressionist that worked on the show from the early to mid 1990's. Also the voice of Phillip J. Fry and Stimpy.
Head of Secruity... and a limo driver.
Howard's Father
Responsible for editing recordings for the show. He is usually only heard from when there are technical problems.
Best known for his flatulence.
His main duty is to pull audio and video clips from television shows and the Internet for Stern to use on the show. Stumbles over his words.
Intern during the 2009 Fall Semester. Suffers from Turrets.
Held the head writer position on the show for 15 years before leaving in 2001 after a salary dispute with Stern and Management.
Howard 100 News anchor who reads the news over the ticker.
Howard Stern was one of the Executive Producers on this 'Baywatch' spoof comedy.
Has a bad speech impediment. He currently hosts a semi-regular radio show on Howard 101 called Straight Talk.
Mother of the Wack Pack. Frequent caller best know for her shrill voice. Fred often plays the sounds of crows cawing in the background when she is on the phone.
Got his nickname because of his awful foot odor. Best known for singing and playing songs on his keyboard, as well as his imitations of radio personalities and members of staff.
A foul-mouthed insult comedian who dresses like a clown.
A porn actress who starred in 'granny porn' scenes.
Was an alcoholic dwarf known for his tirades and ongoing feud with Beetlejuice. He was a Rock 'n' Roll trivia expert who died from complications from his alcohol abuse.
The title of Howard's first book and movie of the same name.
The name given to a wide assortment of personalities heard throughout the history of The Howard Stern Show. They are a considerable part of what the radio show became notable for a
This venue allowed Howard Stern to continue his show off terrestrial radio in a non-censured fashion away from the FCC.
The Show's news department.
Supervising producer for Howard TV. Used to be a cameraman/interviewer for the former Stern TV show on E!
Wrote and performs the opening theme song (from 1999-present).
Howard Sterns' second book.
Richard Christy professionally played this intrument in the bands Death and Iced Earth.
Kevin Metheny, this former WNBC Program Director is better know as by nickname to Stern Fans.
Stern appeared on the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards in an assless custome as this infamous superhero character from his show.

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