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Power supplies and monitors contain high ______
How many types of fire extuinguishers are there?
Type A puts out _________ fires
Type B
Type C
Type D
Never fight a fire that is not ______
Acronym for fighting using extinguisher
It takes less than _________ volts to damage a computer part
Keep unused / new parts in ____________ bags
Use ___________ work mats and benches
Complete loss of power
Reduction in power
Interference from generators and Lightening
Sudden increase in Voltage
Dramatic increase in Voltage, last for 1 billionth of a second
CRT's may contain about ______ lbs of lead
'Star like' screw driver
Used for cleaning (comes in a can)
used to create and delete partitions on a hard drive
used to prepare a hard drive to store information
used to check the integrity of files and folders on a hard drive by scanning the file system. They may also check the disk surface for physical errors
used to optimize space on a hard drive to allow faster access to programs and data
used to clear space on a hard drive by searching for files that can be safely deleted
a system utility used to manage hard drives and partitions, which peforms tasks such as initializing disks, creating partitions, and formatting partitions
a detailed list of problems and repairs, including the date, replacement parts, and customer information. (3 words)
Never use an ____________ when repairing a monitor or CRT (3 words)
Always handle components by the ___________
To clean screens, use a ______ (3 words)

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