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Can you name the Cisco 6?

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One of the original laptops was used by ___________
Early laptops were heavy and ___________
the most significant feature of a laptop is its ________
Laptops run on AC or a _________
Laptops support ___ swappable drives
Latptops have a _______ design
The most common form of biometrics on a laptop is a ___________ (2 words)
Laptops are comparable in performance to desktops T/ F
_________established the form factor for current laptops
Laptop motherboards are ____________
Laptop CPU's are designed to use less _________
Latop CPU's produce less ________
With APM, the ____ controlled the power settings
With ACPI the ______ controls the power management
______ is the most common laptop external port
Laptops use the _______ slot to add functionality
There are ____ types of PC cards
There are _________ levels of ACPI power settings
The BIOS setup is entered during startup by pressing the ____ key
GUI path to power options (just type the words with spaces in between)
In standby, all docs and applications are saved to the ____
In hibernate, all docs and applications are saved to the ______
There is a low battery alarm and a _____ battery alarm
SMS (texting)
MMS (data transfer, such as video or pictures)
yuo should never spray cleaning solution directly on the LCD screen T / F
Best temp range for operating a laptop (XX - XX)

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