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Can you name the Cisco chap 3 basics?

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Goes between the CPU and the heat sink
RAM provides __________ data storage for the CPU
RAM should be installed before installing the motherboard into the case. T or F
Before installing RAM, check the motherboard manual to ensure that it is _________
Made out of metal or plastic, these keep the motherboard from touching the case
An HDD fits into a ____ inch drive bay
A _________ cable connects the optical drive to the motherboard
An optical drive gets power from a _________ cable
Optical drives go in a ____ inch bay
Floppy Disk Drives get power from a _______ cable
One slot that a NIC goes in on a motherboard
The other slot
Although most are installed on the motherboard, a wireless NIC can also connect through a ______ port
The three slots that a graphics card can go in. (seperate by a comma and space)
Never use a Molex and a _________ power cable for the same device at the same time
ATX power connectors will have 20 or ____ pins
SATA data cables have ___ pins
Even if the power cord 'plugs in' if Pin ____ is not aligned a floppy drive will not work
The power cord for a computer has a (male / female) connection on it.
When attaching cables, never force a ______
Typically a single beep indicates that a computer is functioning _____
The BIOS setup has a ________ background (color)
Motherboards must fit the _____ _____ (2 words) of the case

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