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Can you name the UK Ford models from the cryptic clue given?

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An eastern region and Latin for England
Highest elected Roman
A cobwebby partial veil consisting of silky fibrils
A swift pirate ship
The west wind
There are 12 signs of the
Add the Sun and you've a lunchbox drink
A low mountain range in Hesse, Germany
To accompany
The Studios made Coronation Street and The Krypton Factor
xxxxxx Nevada or xxxxxx Leone
A festival in Spain
Do aliens do this to Americans?
Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise or an unbranded calf
Jules Cobb, Ellie Torres and Laurie Keller live in xxxxxx Town.
Could be called a Cougar also its a German sports gear company
Half of Monday and the beginnings of antiperspirant
The first two from a kangaroo
We can do Fission but quite this yet.
If you really spelt Cougar wrong
Ours is the Milky Way
One of the 12 signs of the Zodiac
If your eyes are reading this they have done this
Referred to as 'The Hunter'
The carrying of items/people from one place to another
Dr. Livingstone I presume?

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