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Forced Order
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Who is the first person you see in the movie?
Who brings Harry to the Dursley's House?
How many presents did Dudley get for his birthday?
What creature does Harry talk to at the zoo?
Who brings Harry a cake on his birthday?
How old does Harry turn?
What do you call non-magic folk?
Who is the first Professor Harry meets?
Which vault at Gringotts has Harry's money in it?
Where does Harry buy his wand?
Who is it that must not be named?
What does Harry name his Owl?
What Platform is on Harry's ticket?
Who has a pet rat?
Who fixes Harry's glasses?
What does Snape teach?
What does Neville get in the mail?
Who is the keeper on the Quiddich?
Which two Weasleys are on the Quiddich team?
What is the name of the three headed dog?
What does the Seeker have to catch?
There is a _____ in the dungeon!
Who gives Harry the Nimbus 2000
With what part of his body does Harry catch the Snitch
Which Weasley studies dragons in Romania?
What does Harry get for Christmas?
Who does Harry see in the mirror?
What does Hagrid name his dragon?
Who is the fourth person who got detention? (other than Harry, Ron, and Hermione)
What creature saved Harry in the forest?
Who tries to stop Harry from sneaking out again?
What hates sunlight?
What position does Ron take on the giant chessboard?
What was in Harry's pocket?
What hous won the house cup?

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