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Who Says: 'I am master of magics!'
Text: Charge. Has +1 Attack for each other Murloc on the battlefield.
Anagram: F E A S T M I L K E RMage Card - 1 Word
Who Says: 'I am not a morning person.'
Lucky Dip: Who is the Druid Hero?
Lucky Dip: Who is the first Naxxramas boss of the Arachnid Quarter?
Anagram: I T C H - W I N E D - L I L YNeutral - 2 Words
Stats: 4 Mana. 3 Attack. 6 Health.
Who Says: 'Go ahead... make my day.'
Lucky Dip: Name a 3 Mana Priest spell?
Text: Give a Beast +2 Attack and Immune this turn.
Who Says: 'Scurvy dog.'
Anagram: C O L D - M I L K M A NHunter - 2 Words
Stats: 6 Mana. 4 Attack. 2 Health.
Lucky Dip: How much dust does it cost to craft a golden Pit Lord?
Anagram: A - D Y E D - S L O T HHunter - 2 Words
Lucky Dip: Name a minion that has the word 'double' in the text?
Who Says: 'For the king!'
Lucky Dip: Name a weapon that has more than 4 Durability.
Text: Double a Minion's Attack.
Anagram: C L A M - O I L - R O TWarlock - 2 Words
Stats: 3 Mana. 2 Attack. 4 Health.
Lucky Dip: What is the name of the Paladin Hero Power?
Text: Battlecry: Deal 3 Damage
Who Says: 'To arms!'
Stats: 2 Mana. 4 Attack. 5 Health.
Lucky Dip: Name a Legendary that begins with the letter G?
Anagram: O M E G A - R I GNeutral - 2 Words
Lucky Dip: How many cards does Sprint draw?
Text: Taunt. Enrage: +3 Attack.
Stats: 6 Mana. 5 Attack. 3 Health.
Lucky Dip: Name a spell that draws three cards?
Who Says: 'I'll never tell'
Text: Restore 8 Health
Stats: 10 Mana. 12 Attack. 12 Health.
Anagram: P E A R - T A N K SHunter - 2 Words
Lucky Dip: What 6 Mana Minion is exclusive to Hunter?
Stats: 1 Mana. 3 Attack. 1 Health.
Lucky Dip: Which minion summons a 1/1 Boar as a Battlecry?
Text: Spell Damage +5.
Who Says: 'For the warchief'
Who Says: 'Instruction begins'
Stats: 1 Attack. 4 Durability.
Anagram: C L A W - H E R - L O O K E R
Lucky Dip: What weapon do you receive if you play Upgrade with no weapon?
Lucky Dip: What Mage card costs 10 Mana?
Lucky Dip: Name the Token Minion created by Hogger each turn?
Lucky Dip: Name a Shaman card with Overload:(3)
Lucky Dip: How much gold do you receive for the Quest: 'Total Dominance'?
Lucky Dip: What is the card back obtainable from September 2014?

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