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Can you name the range in degrees for each motion?

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MotionRange in degrees (for example, 0-10)
Ankle plantarflexion
Knee extension
Knee flexion
Thoracolumbar rotation
Cervical spine extension
MCP abduction
Subtalar inversion
Shoulder abduction
Thumb CMC extension
Hip adduction
Thumb MP flexion
Forearm supination
Ankle dorsiflexion (knee flexed)
Thumb CMC flexion
Thumb CMC abduction
MCP flexion
Cervical spine flexion
Shoulder extension
Shoulder internal rotation
Elbow flexion
Ankle dorsiflexion (knee extended)
Shoulder flexion
Thoracolumbar flexion (inches)
Shoulder external rotation
MotionRange in degrees (for example, 0-10)
Elbow extension
Wrist ulnar deviation
Cervical spine lateral flexion
Subtalar eversion
Thoracolumbar lateral flexion
DIP flexion
Cervical spine rotation
MCP extension
Lumbosacral flexion (centimeters)
1st MP flexion
Forearm pronation
Hip external rotation
Wrist radial deviation
PIP flexion
Wrist flexion
Thumb IP extension
1st MP extension
Hip abduction
Hip extension
Wrist extension
Thumb IP flexion
Hip internal rotation
Hip flexion

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