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Can you name the characteristics of neurodevelopmental treatment?

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What are abnormal, stereotyped movements of the affected side that are triggered involuntarily?
NDT then or now?: treatment is static with emphasis on reflexes.
NDT then or now?: facilitate the missing componenets of the normal developmental sequence
Approach is different for every patient since the techniques are guided by what?
NDT then or now?: excessive facilitation
What is the change in background tonus that ocurs to meet the changes in the environment?
NDT then or now?: treatment is active with no emphasis on reflexes
NDT now is based on what model?
After removing facilitation what do you hope to observe?
NDT was developed for treatement of patients with what kind of involvement?
NDT then is based on what model?
According to Bobath, the aim of treatment is not to promote 'normal movement' but to promote what?
Where is shortening occurring when the patient leans to one side?
What is the ability of an individual to hold a limb/limb segment at any stage of the normal ROM?
NDT then or now?: remove facilitation when appropriate
What is the necessary background tonus upon which normal movement & functional skills occur?
What are automatic responses that help maintain the COG over the BOS when balance is displaced?
In NDT you want to challenge the patient, but you also want them to be what?
What involves placing & holding positions which break up pathological postural patterns?
According to Bobath, what is a combination of disinhibition, plastic reorganization & mechanical changes?
What is the primary rationale for treatment interventions?
NDT then or now?: normalize tone before moving
During certain stages of recovery which sensory system may be emphasized over the others?
The Bobaths wanted NDT to evolve over time or to be a what?
What is the ability to refrain from one action in favor of another?
NDT then or now?: normalize tone while moving
The Bobaths believed you could influence recovery from hemiplegia by placing demand where?
What is the technique used to increase muscle tone by using proprioceptive or cutaneous stimulation?
Where is elongation occurring when the patient leans to one side?
Facilitation uses sensory & proprioceptive controls to do what?
Facilitation is used in what 2 ways for functional tasks?
NDT is based on the work of what people?
What is essential for proper limb function?
Facilitation is part of an acitve learning process that assists individuals to overcome what?
What are automatic reactions that orient the head & provide proper alignment between the head/trunk/limbs?
What is a term for methods used to move/assist a pt to move as independently as possible?
What is the term for the proximal body parts used to alter postural reflexes & muscle tone of the rest of the body?
NDT attempts to facilitate normal what?
NDT then or now?: assume carryover will happen automatically
NDT then or now?: uses problem-solving approach in multiple environmental contexts
NDT utilizes what?
According to Bobath, it is not the strength of individual muscles that matter so much as what?
What 2 aspects of the musculoskeletal system does NDT try to influence for better alignment & efficient activation/movement?
What are stereotyped movement patterns which are elicited in response to alterations in COG (may see associated reactions, primitive relfexes & abnormal tone)?
NDT then or now?: missing components of development are not facilitated
How does NDT treat the client?
What are the 2 things facilitation aims to affect?

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