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Can you name the age in months for the baby milestone?

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Motor or Cognitive MilestoneAge in Months (or range, i.e. 3-5 months
Age range in which Plantar Grasp integrates
Age range for when supine tilting reaction emerges
Independent standing, pushing through legs in pull to stand, 3 jaw chuck grasp, & refined wrist/forearm movement
Prone on elbows, symmetry, 90 degrees neck extension in prone, & scapular adduction/retraction
Age range in months for parachute response
Attains hands/knees position in prone, age of transitions, easily rolls, pincer grasp, and more hip extension
Age in which Crossed Extension integrates
Age range in months for segmental rolling
Age range in which Landau emerges
Age range for lateral protective extension
Age range in months for log rolling
Age range in which Landau integrates
Cruising, weight shift in sit to stand, thumb opposition, & increased use of legs in pull to stand
Age range for posterior protective extension
Neck extension to 45 degrees in prone, head midline in supine, & less physiological flexion
Age of transitions (from sitting to quadruped/prone), creeping, pull to stand, lateral weight shift in sit, reach outside base of support, & dissociation
Age when forward protective extension emerges
Age range in which you will see neonatal body righting on body
Age range in which Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR) integrates
Age range in which you will see neonatal neck righting on body
Age of extension, rolling supine to prone (log), strong Landau, prone lateral weight shift, swimming, pivot prone, & push up on extended arms
Age for when body righting on head emerges
Age range for jargon
Motor or Cognitive MilestoneAge in Months (or range, i.e. 3-5 months
Age in which Primary Stepping integrates
Age range in which Positive Support integrates
Age for when labyrinthine head righting emerges
Age range in which Flexor Withdrawal integrates
Independent sitting, rolling prone to supine, belly crawl, & helps in pull to sit
Age range in which Tonic Labyrinthine integrates
Age in which Babinski integrates
Physiological flexion
Age range in which Moro integrates
Age range in which Palmar Grasp integrates
Age range in which Rooting integrates
less physiological flexion, more head lag, same prone position as newborn, & midline approximation head control in supine
Age range in wich Spinal Galant integrates
Age in which cooing starts
Age range in which Suck/Swallow integrates
Age range in which Symmetrical Tonic neck Reflex (STNR) integrates
Advanced cruising (rotate trunk), rotation in standing, half kneel & pincer grasp
Age for when optical head righting emerges
Independent walking
Age in which babbling starts
Age for when prone tilting reaction emerges
Upright head posture in prone (almost 90 degrees from floor), chin tuck in supine, less head lag, & weight bearing shfting down towards belly
Age in which first word is usually spoken

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