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Can you name the people, places and things from the First Age?

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He who slew Beleg
Creator of the Silmarils
Noldor who discovered the race of Men
One of the two major rivers in Beleriand
The other major river
Elven city built by Turgon within the Encircling Mountains
Anglachel's mate
The Mightiest of Eagles
Melkor's first stronghold
Aulë's wife, who loved growing things
Lame man, Lord of Brethil
Slain by an arrow to the eye in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Valar, Lord of Water
The great smith of Nogrod
The burning of the ships at ______
Faithful hound who slew the wolf Carcharoth
Land of the Valar; The Undying Lands
Eärendil's mom
Minstrel, originator of the cirth. Loved Luthien.
Lord of the Balrogs
High King Fingolfin's sword
The last and greatest of the Dragons, cast down by Eärendil
Father of Voronwë
_____ the Accursed; son of Ulfang

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