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Can you name the Maiden songs that these lyrics are from?

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Everyone's waiting for something to happen, everybody's waiting for something to say
When I was living this lie, fear was my game
When the priest came to read me the last rites
No brave new world, no brave new world
The many roars of the Russian guns
You walk through the subway his eyes burn a hole in your back
Circle of fire my baptism of joy at an end it seems
Another prophet of disaster who says this ship is lost
But now I spend my time looking all 'round
White flags shot to ribbons, the truce is black and burned
You're running today maybe tomorrow you'll be saved
Still burning heretics under our skies, religion's still burning inside
Would you care to take a look, of can you read me like a book
And you know that this moment in time is for real
The flares to guide her path ignited at the last
We live all that he's been through, as communion of his soul
I've been waiting so long for you now, you won't get away from my grasp
My son, ask for thyself another kingdom. For that which I own is too small for thee
His eyes are ablaze, see the madman in his gaze
By luck, then a skirmish started, took the attention away from me
I know that you know that you ain't got long now to last
He'll tear you apart as soon as you start, you know you don't have a chance
Standing alone in the wind and rain, sensing the fear that is growing
Knuckles white, eyes alight he slams the hatch on the deadly night
I wonder why, I wonder how that it seems that the power's getting stronger every day

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