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Where do you usually see the signs of usual interstital pneumonia
ARDS phase with interstitial infiltrates and early fibrosis
Right ventricular hypertrophy due to pulmonary hypertension. Often caused by COPD. causes peripheral edema, hepatojugular reflux, acitis, Tricuspid regurgitation
Farmers lung, inhalation of organisc matter causeing episodic interstitial lung disease. What is the disease called and what is the most common fungus
Systolic pulmonary Blood pressure, Diastolic, mean pressure
what drug can cause optic neuritis?
in someone with Tb what is the miniumal treatmen lenght of time? 4 drugs for how much of the time (in months)
Does a pneumothorax pull or push the trachea
lower respiratory traction infection less than _______ hours after admission is classified as
Sepsis, trauma, embolism are _________ causes of ARDS
Acute Hypoxemic respiratory failure that can affect preciously healthy individuals. Causes acute dyspnea and diffuse alveolar damage
In what interstitial lung disease do you see muscular sclerosis
Most common cause of Pneumonia (ONE WORD)
What is similar to ARDS in being clinically rapid and accute. Also haveing hyaline membranes. But it does not cause diffuse alveolar damage but is a deadly rapidly progressing fibr
Persistant perductive cough with hemoptosis, fever, night sweats, weight loss. Apical posterior segment infiltrate
encapsulated lesion with positve gram stain, low pH, low glucose, thick pus and a LDH of over 1000 is called what?
What is the window for the fibrotic phase
Esophagus, thoracic duct descending aorta, azygous vein are part of what compartment
Stone cutter, mining. Opacity in the UPPER lobe. shines in polarized light
Children under the age of ________ and indiividuals who are _________ should not get a pneumococcus vaccine
dual eleastic lamina vessels
Caused by lung cancer and results in swelling of the head and neck, plethora, epitaxis, headache, expanded collateral veins
Respiratory failure, neurologic impairment, petechial rash 1 - 3 days after long bone fracture
What is another name for unknown cause of UIP
With the most deadly coming last, what are the most common causes of ARDS
MCC cause of transudative pleural effusion with low glucose
Hammans sign is an indication of what
Induration must be greater than ___________ in the setting of a recent PPD conversion (negative ot positive in the last 2 years), health care worker, foreign travel to endemic area
Slowly progressive. muscular sclerosis. temporally heterogenous with fibroblastic foci. Honeycombing. Death sentance
thickening and fibrosis of the alveolar septa resulting in loss of lung volume, loss of compliance and diffusion capacity. Restrictive pattern of PFT
Episodic interstitial lung disease is an indication of what?
Blunting of the costophrenic angel with a concave miniscus is called what?
___________ / ___________ LDH > __________ is an exudative pleural effusion
What is the classic finding for pulmonary emboli
How many mL of fluid entering into the pluera constitutes a pleural efflusion
Lung apex, Kidneys and ends of long bones is where __________ hematogenously spreads
Young black female. Hilar lymphadenopathy. on biopsy there are non caseating granulomas, and giant cell bodies (asteroid bodies) and shaumann bodies
20 - 30 yo male, tall, thin, smoker with unilateral chest pain and dyspnea. high chance of reoccurane
QuestionAnswerAdditional information
What is the diagnostic test for interstial lung diease
trauma, esophageal perforation, infection or an alveolar rupture can causes this syndrome
pneumonia seen in the elderly with extropulmonary manifistations. Detetion by Direct flourecent antibody and urinalysis
Does a low barometric pressure cause an increased or normal A-a difference
___________ / ___________ protein > ____________ is an exudative pleural effusion
What lypmhatic drainage goes with interlobar septa? what goes with the pluera? (remember they are connected and follow the pronchopulmonary structures
Excessive O2 supplimentation can ______ CO2 retention
cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome, Acitis, hypoalbuminema are all rarer causes of what
Elderly over the age of 65 and the immune compromised should receive this vaccination
Pneumonia and aspiration are _______ causes of ARDS
MCC cause of transudative pleural effusion with high glucose?
Found in the young and in the anterior compartment. Teeth, hair. usually benign
respiratory bronchiole, ALVEOLAR DUCT, alveoli
What is another name for cryptogenic organizing pneumonia
Endothelin does what to the pulmonary vessels
What is the window for the proliferative phase
PaO2:FiO2 less then _______ qualifies for ALI
Phase of ARDS with Hyaline membranes and neutrophils
In an effusion due to malignancy, what predicts survival
vessels that travel within the interlobar septa
Arteries that accompany the airways and wrap around the alveolar network
Neurogenic tumors in the thoracic compartment are often found in what compartment?
If the change in HCO3 is less than the chang in anion gap then there is an Anion gap metabolic acidosis and a (spell it out)
thymus, thyroid, parathyroid, aortic arches are part of what compartment
What is the window for the exudative phase
Hodgkins lymphoma and a developemntal cysts are often found in what thoracic compartment?
Lymphocyte predominant pleural effusion. Adenosine deaminase test positive and positive interferon gamma test
How long does it take for gas exchange to occure?
Second most common cause of Pneumonia among the immune compromised
Hydrostatic changes and Oncotic changes cause what kind of effusion
Most common anterior mediastinal mass. Seen in pts of 40 to 60 years old.
Pneumonia that is common in young adults. Walking pneumonia with patchy infiltrates. occures in family clusters (CXR looks worse than patient)
Dephosphorylates MLC and opens potassium channels
What is the antagonist to treat pulmonary hypertension
change in HCO3 >> change in Anion Gap = AG met. acidosis and (spell it out)
What are the three consequtive phases of ARDS
This score calculates the 30 day mortality risk of pneumonia
What is the acronym for TB medication
QuestionAnswerAdditional information
vessels that have one elastic lamina
What does a pleural effusion do to the trachea, pushes it away or pulls it?
Heart and percardium, trachea, bronchi, phrnic nerve are part of what compartment
Infection and malignant disorders are the most common cause of this lung problem
Induration must be above __________ in the setting of a normal healthy adult
How long do you give INH to a normal individual treated prophylaxically? HIV (in months)
IN alphabetical order what are the two components of pneumoconiosis?
happens in older women (50yo), hypertrophy and fibrosis of the pulmonary vascular bed causing insitu thrombosis
Joint disease precedes pulmonary disease. more common in men. Interpulmonary nodules
increaseof type II pneumocytes. Increase in
Arteries that are part of the systemic circulation andsupply the pleura
after 20 years of exposure. Fibrosis in the lower lobes. peural plaques
Heparin reactive antibodies to factor _______ can cause DVT and PE is called what
What should you think if you see increased pressure on mechanical ventilation?
Primarily located in the mid to lower lung feilds and contained in regional lymph nodes called ________
What treatment for pulmonary hypertension causes vasodilation
Enlarged pulmonary arteries on chest radiograph are an indication of what
acid fast - red snappers
BIlateral subtle lung infiltrate on CXR, rapid O2 desaturation, HIV. Treated with _________
How many mL can the lymphatics remove from the pleura?
Gastic acid damage to the lungs
In ARDS what prevents alveolar collapse and furthure trauma
Unilateral tenderness/swelling and homans sign
What are thymomas often associated with
Hyaline membranes and alveolar damage
Altered pleura, increased permiability, decreased lymphatic drainage cause what type of effusion
LDH > _____ / ______ of LDH __________ equal an exudative pleural effusion
Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are both pulmonary causes of
Injury to the type 1 pneumocyte, alveolar capilary membrane permiability. Increases cytokines and neutrophils
Pneumonia in young adults., self limited and not as severe as pnumococcus. Like mycoplasma
Sudden worsening of dyspnea in COPD, difficult to diagnose so often goes without treating
Staph aureus and Pseudomonas (gram negative rods) are common causes of this type of pneumonia
induration must be greater than ________ in the case of Immunocompromised, TB contact, or abnormal Chest X ray
bilateal opacities consistant with pulmonary edema, no pulmonary hypertension, and PaO2:FiO2 less than ______
The terrible T's are found where? Thymoma, teretoma, thyroid, and tumor (lymphoma)
For a good sputum sample you need less than ______ cells and more than _________ cells
Plug of granulation tissue within the small airways and alveoli

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