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schizophrenics have too little or too much dopamine in the mesocortical area
child dresses up as their parent leaving for work
immobile position constantly maintained
hypomaniac episode plus major depressive episode
disorganized speach, flat affect, crazy
schizophrenic behavior for 1 6 months. Diagnosis before diagnosis of schizophrenia
site of positive shizophrenic symptoms
inhibits dopamine uptake, increase serotonin and norpei. cause pupillary dialation, weight loss, paranoia, psycosis
restricted speech that is monosyllabic
hallucination/delusions and other schizophrenic behavior precipitated by a stressor. lasting for 1 day to one month
loss of normal melody of speech
bing and purge
mood syptoms connected to psychotic symptoms but where there was a 2 week period where hallucinations and delusions were present in the abcence of mood symtoms
after edo what do you need and how long does it last
manic and major depressive episode in 1 week
opiate toelrance and subsequent withdrawl is due to increased amounts of what in the neuron
pitting others against each other
alcohol, benzos, and barbituates can cause what if withdrawn suddenly
what is more common to have rapid cycling
more cells in the deep cortex less in the outer
who has bipolar 1 more often men or women or the same
slow sustained muscle contraction secondary to medication
less mature defens mechanisms acronym
slow motor and mental state - physically and mentally immovable
you want a sandwhich and so instead you work out
what neurotransmitter is implicated in manic episodes
acetylcholinesterase inhibitor
2-3 times per week, 6 - 20 tx, 30 - 90 sec tonic clonic seizure
loss of interest/withdrawl from regular pleasurable activities
temporary loss of muscle tone due to emotional state
rapid shifting from one idea to another but these ideas are logically connected
meaningless repetition of words and phrases
how does a physician by pass the 4 hour letter
what is perscribed for alzheimers to assist in cognition
treats adhd but has the side effects of Increased blood pressure, GI side effects, hepatotoxicity
what option does the patient have if detained
removal of mental behaviors
ability to inderstand true cause and meaning
refusal to maintain body weight. (BMI
increasing amount are required to acheive desired effect or the same amount produces a decreased effect
incoherent mixture of words without meaning
opiod antagonist. Blocks the release of beta endorphins. Decreases cravings, promotes abstinence. 9alcohol can not stimulate the mu receptor)
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treatment for ADHD
'i dont feel like myself'
copious logical speech
should you accept contingency fees
objects seem smaller than they truly are
hypomania, anxiety, adenosine receptor agonist
Partial nu receptor agonist, blocks the effects of other opiates and reduces cravings. No help with pain. Not as addictive and isn't as tightly regulated
what other hormone is involved (especially in rapid cycling) besides the typical neurotransmitters
folie a deux - delusion s shared by and adopted in a relationship
confusion, disorientation, flucuating conciousness, perceptual disturbances after alcohol withdrawl (and benzo/barbituate withdrawl)
what are valid reasons for not knowing what is wrong
what do beta endorphines cause the release of
stockholm syndrome - fall in love with captor. Erase the difference between self and object of distress.
persistant response to previous stimuli
global assesment of stressors
relaxation, attention, improved reaction time
4 episodes in 12 months or more
lack of movement
rapid speech that is difficult to interrupt
what other defense mechanism is like undoing
schizophrenic have too little or too much dopamine in mesolimbic
chronic use of this drug produces a lose of emotional perception, loss of moral reasoning, inhibition, indescisivnesss
mu receptor agonist. Helps with pain. strictly controled. helps with opiate detoxe
gradual or sudden deviation with blocking
what does mu cause the release of
vasoconstriction, increased adhesion of platelets, and dopamine deficiency are caused by what drugs
chronic patterns (mental retardation, personality disorders
volitile, beligerant, aggressive, verticle nystagmus
Alcohol abuse whose onset was early in life, familial history of abuse
motor immobity, (catotonic stupor - lack of blinking) or excessive purposeless movements
manic episode with or without depressive episode
morphine, heroin, oxycodon
new word created
does dopamine increase or decrease prolactin
how long does the EDO last (emergency detention order)
to be post partum depression, how long must it last
what other term is associated with intelectualization
moderately mature defense mechanisms
who determine capacity
How often are bings and purges in bulemia (times per week, for how many months)
medical conditions
subjective feeling of muscular tension secondary to antipsychotic medication
QuestionAnswerAdditional information
activation of mu receptor influence what intracellular second messenger, and does it make it go up or down (2nd messenger, up or down)
drowsiness, confusion, ataxia, and falling down that occures at night
What opiate receptor does alcohol act on
you want their sandwhich, you offer buy for both of you tomorrow
abrupt interruptionof thought with no recollection of past thought
new identity with amnesia of old enviroment
what substances can cause mania
who has bipolar 2 more often men or women or same
loss of motor coordination
similar sounding words are connected
Gene in many asian populations that serves somewhat like antabuse
flow and shift from one idea another in illogical ways
how many substances must you be addicted to as a group to qualify as poly substance abuse
goal of speach is never reached, flows from one idea to another.
alcohol abuse whose onset is late in life, childhood is free of problems, abuse is for harm avoidance
vivd dreams, increased apitite, psychomotor agitation, suicide are effects of withdrawl from this drug
site of negative schizophrenic symptoms
Higher defense mechanisms
Major diagnosis (mood disorders, thought disorders, substance abuse)
characteristic syndromes due to abstinence or the taking of a substance to avoid consequences
repeatitive movement/speech. Not purposeful but meaningful
elevated qt wave, violence, hallucination
Inability to describe ones emotions
speech deviates from goal but eventually gets there. lots of details and perenthetical remarks
yawning, dysphoria, pupil dialation, aches, fever are withdrawl symptoms of what drug
2 years of both hypomaniac and dysthymic moods (no major depressive episodes or manic episodes)
persons position is molded and maintained
cortical atrophy and ventricular enlargement
lots of speech but conveying little
hallucinations, cross senses
current life stressors
oscilations between euphoria and depression
cognitive difficulties, depression paranoia, psychosis, amotivaitonal syndrome
norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor
schizophrenic patient in treatment whose positive symptoms are releived
how long must you have a delusion to diagnose the pt with delusional disorder.
withdrawls + tolerance =
What serotonin receptor does alcohol act on
in the court what do you sell
preocupation with delusions. Auditory/visual hallucinations**, disorganized thoughts
kicking the wall
dificulty performing voluntary movements (parkinsons)

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