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Can you name the words that start with 'Met'??

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Hint'Met' Word
MLB team for NY
To do something thoroughly and carefully
Great rock band. A couple of albums are, Kill 'em All and Master of Puppets
The stuff frying pans, trumpets, and suits of armor are made out of
Classic video game involving a female character who slays hideous aliens
A highly addictive drug that is extremely detrimental to the human body
mm, cm, km, L, ml, etc.
This gets slower as you get older; how efficiently your body uses energy
Hint'Met' Word
A caterpillar's change to a butterfly is an example of this
A life insurance company with snoopy as the mascot
The fancy name for some bones in your fingers.......
........and your toes
It is said that the dinosaurs may have ended when this hit
*Bonus* a couple of steel type pokemon
Name them both!
'We ___ a long time ago at work.'

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