Pretty Little Liars (TV) 'A' Suspects

Can you name the Pretty Little Liars (TV) 'A' Suspects

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Motive and EvidenceAnswerCurrent Status
Secret Identity: Wears a certain A color and shows up at all the funerals. First seen as woman at Ali's 'real' funeral. Seen by Ali in a vision of her own funeral.Identity Revealed. Was A's right hand helper.
Dated Jenna, Mona & Aria. Threatens to oust Ezra and Aria's relationship. Blackmails Ezra. Possibly dated Ali before she disappeared. Part of a family that hosted partys.Not A and is helping Ali now.
Police officer that is brought in to solve Wilden's murder. Gets kissed by Hanna. Kisses Ali. Pokes around in the Liars business to much.Suspended from police. Was investigated by internal affairs while suspected of helping Ali.
Was controlled by Jenna for a long time. Sneaked around and did some of A's bidding. Snuck in and out of Radley. Police officer. Joined A team to protect Spencer. Help girls hunt A.
Secret Identity: The name they gave Big A who kidnapped the Liars and Mona and put them in the Doll House. Jessica's Son in the movie at the Apple Farm. Freddy from bday video.Controlled the Liars and Mona in the Doll House. Threatened Ken. Revealed Identity
Secret Identity: Seen at a bunch of A events. Thought to be the mastermind|leader of the A-Team. Found to have multiple people playing the part.Took Mona's A routine from her.Identity solved, multiple people including A and the helper.
Has an agreement with Jessica DiLaurentis after having an affair. Being blackmailed by Ali to not reveal he is father of Jason. Hiding something but only thought to be protective not A.
Partnered with Melissa and Jenna. Dated Paige the summer Emily was gone. Knew Ali from childhood. Shot Ezra and tried to kill Ali.Dead. Definitely some sort of A but unknown how big a role.
Had Ali's Diary and used it to learn all the Liar's secrets and use them against them. Made A-Team to torment Liars. Faked death. Later joined the Liars to fight Ali &/or A.Admitted part of A-Team originally, later also tormented by A.
**Big A** Was part of the DiLaurentis family and was sent to Radley. Changed genders and pretended to be someone else. Took the A game from Mona.[Dead] Just revealed to everyone their story and got arrested after almost committing suicide
The first queen of hearts and set fire to the lodge. Following orders and trying to pin Ali's murder on the girls. Dirty cop who used Ashley Marin.Dead, Used by A but not A
Was controlled by Mona and did A actions because he was made fun of and blackmailed. Took in Caleb as a roommate. Played Santa to help the Liars+Mona.Worked for A-Team but not mastermind.
Close friend of Ali before disappearance. Ali told her of a possible pregnancy. Dated Jason. Dressed up as Alison the night she dissapeared. Sneaked around wearing a coat. Escaped Jail. thought to have left country. Said she knows who killed the body.
Part of the N.A.T. club and was seen with both Jenna, Melissa, and Ian about the video tapes. Was arrested for the Murder of Ali but later released. In the police.Dead Killed by A.
Was the leader of the Liars before she dissappeared. Was thought to be dead. Loves to play games and manipulate people. Convicted for killing Mona.Trying to find out who Charles is.
Lost sight during a prank Alison did. Very manipulative.Joined forces with Melissa and Shana to spy on the Liars at the lodge and train.Turn Toby into the cops.Burns pg 5 autopsyAlmost died in house fire. thought not to be A.
Motive and EvidenceAnswerCurrent Status
Part of the N.A.T club. Cheated on Melissa with Ali and Spencer. Tried to kill spencer in the Bell Tower.Dead
He got Ella drunk and went to talk to Ali who was blackmailing him for cheating with Meredith the night she disappeared.Cheater but not A
Listening to the Hastings call. Missing when Caleb and Ezra were attacked. Watching the girls. Ties to van/electronics. Kissed Aria and tried to date her. Has manifesto.Just released from Prison after being suspect in kidnapping the girls
Spys on the girls for Jenna when first comes to town. Rooms with Lucas when he returns. Fixes/hacks phones and computers. Dates HannaIn Rosewood over protective of Hanna searching for A.
Participated in A activities as queen of hearts and black swan. Seen in the video filmed the night Ali died. Upset that Ian was cheating on her with Ali. Buried Bethany. In London. Claimed A actions were because of blackmailing.
Had a relationship with Ali before starting to teach at Rosewood. Spys on the girls in order to gain information on what happened to Ali for a story. Dates Aria. Lied and spied but not A
Was missing for two years and was let out of the dollhouse the same time as the liars. Was made to pretend to be Ali. Kisses Emily. Betrays the Liars as A's minionStaying at a friends so she can go on dates with Emily.
Secret Identity: Older guy Ali met and dated before she disappeared. Name because of the drink he bought when he first met her. Identity solved, Not A
Shows up mysteriously after Maya's death. Spended a lot of time with Jenna before kissing Emily and taking her to their cottage. Shot Caleb.Dead, Maya's killer but not A
Ali made fun of her for being gay. Dated Shana and Emily. Told Detective Holbrook that Alison was still alive.Moved away. Not A
Helped Melissa get pills for Ian. Helped Cece get into Radley to see Mona.Cheated on Melissa with Spencer. London
In N.A.T. club. Dated Cece. Product of Hastings/Dilaurentis affair. Saw Melissa & Cece arguing the night Ali disappeared. Got Ali arrested. Hook up w/ Hanna's mom. Looks 4 brotherIn Rosewood looking to meet his brother. Thought to not be A.
Secret Identity: The name Toby used as his way into Radley. His parking pass and ID that allowed him to sneak in to see Mona.Identity solved, Not A
Dated Mona. Possibly stole the girls blood and gave it to Ali's 'kidnapper'. Saw Mona storing her own blood. Visited Alison in Prison.Acted shady because he knew about Mona's fake death.
The person who actually did the burying of Ali probably to cover up the murder. Had an affair with Peter Hastings. Made comments implementing Spencer in Ali's murder.Dead, Knows who A is but isn't A
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  • Some were thought to be A more than others but in my mind all these people were doing secretive things dealing with Alison(Ali) and the Liars that may have made them A or part of the A-Team. Information as of the TV series through Season 6 Midseason Big A Reveal ***Warning there WILL be spoilers if you are not caught up in the series. I say who A is.***
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Last Updated: Sep 12, 2022

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