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Can you name the Characters who say each 'Skulduggery Pleasant' quote?

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Forced Order
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QuoteCharacterBook #
''You're not stealing anything, you're not breaking anything so I'd guess you're Stephanie.'Book 1
'He says people who wear leathers, like you, should ride motorbikes. People who wear exquisite suits, like him, should drive Bentleys.'Book 2
'Is crossing the road with your eyes closed wise? No, but I do it anyway.'Book 6
'Usually my hallucinations do a lot more singing and dancing.'Book 4
'Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough'Book 2
'OK, I’ll try this. Why are we hiding from a box?'Book 6
'I love you all, even those I don’t particularly like. That’s you, Beryl.'Book 1
'Only a heathen would bring a gun to a sword fight.'Book 2
'Doors are for people with no imagination.'Book 1
'It's not that I want you to go, it's just that I don't want you to stay.'Book 5
QuoteCharacterBook #
'Then I reckon we got ourselves a good old-fashioned standoff.'Book 3
'Are you taking my hat hostage?'Book 1
Now it's a dead sofa. It put up a valiant struggle, however.'Book 6
'Now you got my damn straight razor! How am I supposed to kill people? How am I supposed to even SHAVE?'Book 2
'How come the only people with eyes in this room are me and her?'Book 3
'Of course he’s dead. He’s a skeleton.'Book 4
'I woke up, a bag of bones. Literally.'Book 1
'But you probably WILL die, that's what I'm saying.'Book 3
'And third -- and this is really the most important point -- whoever said I came alone?'Book 2
'If there is one regret that I have had in my life, it is that I never fathered any children.'Book 1

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