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general locationbonehint
ArmHa ha ha
Chest Also called the breastbone
HeadIf you hit you this hard it may lead to a concussion
Throat This allows you to speak
Shoulder girdleAlso known as the collar bone
ThoraxThese protect your heart and lungs
VertebralAlso known as the backbone
HandsThese make up your fingers
PelvisThis is a large flat bone
Leg Largest bone to break
FeetSore when wearing HEELS
Head Main side bone of the skull
general locationbonehint
Shoulder girdleThey look like wings
Vertebral This may get stiff if you sleep on it wrong
ArmOne of the long bones in the forearm
Handsyou use these to text
Pelvis Also known as your tailbone
LegsOld people tend to get these replaced
Legs You use shinguards to protect these
ArmsThis connects the elbow to the forearm
Vertebral Upper back
Head Jaw bone
Head it's shaped as a saucer in the back of your head
Head It protects the TEMPLES

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