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Can you name the Details of Side Show Bobs Life?

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Full Name
Voiced By
Title of the Episode in which he first appeared
Brothers Name
Has appeared in how many Episodes (As of 2010)
Framed Krusty for???
Married in the episode Black Widower?
Bart was relocated here as part of the FBI Witness Proection Program
Bart Tricked Sideshow bob into singing this song to stall for time
Bob is a member of this Political Party
Bob Ran for this Political Office
'I was convicted for a crime I didn't even commit, Attempted Murder now what is that, do they give out a Nobel Prize for...'
Bob threatens to do what if all television shows are not taken off the air
Bob was hiding here while making his demands that television be done away with
Bob Steals what from the air show to try to kill Krusty?
When Bob is put into a work release program, he begins working for...
They are building....
In Day of the Jackanapes Bob turns who into a suicide bomber to go off during Krusty's Final Retirement Special?
Bob is released yet again to help protect who from being killed
Homer's wanna be killer turned out to be...
Bob moved to this country to get a 'fresh start'
And became Mayor of what town?
And married?
In his most recent episode Bob switches faces with his cell mate named......
FInally, his hair is what color?

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