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Who was a sniper gunnery sergeant in the USMC?
Where did Tony go to college?
What is Gibbs building in his basement?
What is rule #12?
In what city was Tony a cop immediately before coming to NCIS?
Abby says she gets multiple job offers from other places every year. How many has she considered?
Who did Ziva work for before NCIS?
What is the name of Gibbs' original partner?
Who does the team think is dead when their car blows up?
What does Tony tell McGee happened the first time he shot at someone?
How was Ziva related to Ari
What is the name of the concoction Tony created to cure a hangover?
How many wives has Gibbs had?
What is the name of McGee's first book?
Who killed Rifkin?
Who replaced Jenny as the NCIS director?
Who killed Ari?
Who has a biomedical engineering degree from Johns Hopkins?
Finish the Ziva Quote: 'To make an omelete, you need to break a few___.'
What was the name of Gibbs first wife and daughter?
Who did McGee date briefly?
Who did Cait work for before NCIS?
Whose sister gets framed for murder
Who does Palmer briefly date
Who did Ari take hostage in autopsy?
What is Ducky's real name
Who killed Cait?
What state is Cait from?
What was Ziva's codename in an aborted mission to assassinate La Grenouille?
Who is standing right behind me?
When Gibbs temporarily retired, to what country did he move?
Finish Tony's line: 'Bad stuff always happens in threes and I'm out of____!'
What is La Grenouille's real name?

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