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What is the name of the main character you play as?
What is your brother's name?
What is the name of the terrorist/ freedom fighting force in the U.S.
What group do you work for in the beginning of the game?
Which is really a division of what secret evil organization bent on world domination?
And it's mastermind is named?
Who funds his operations through a corporation known as?
Who is the French ally of the NSF?
In France you ally with the Illuminatti leader. What is his name?
In China you ally with what Triad leader?
Who is the communications director that follows you to the NSF?
What is the deadly virus that has decimated the population called
And the cure for that virus is called?
What are the people who live beneath the New York Subway system called?
Who is the New York city weapons dealer?
Name one of your two former partners you are forced to kill throughout the game
What is the mysterious computer that breaks you out of prison?
Who is your pilot throughout the game?
Who is the former general that follows you to the NSF?
What government agency does the nefarious Walton Simons work for?
You must travel to China to deactivate what leathal device?
What weapon must you steal for the Triads to gain their trust?
What city do you save from nuclear destruction?
How many possible game endings are there?
At what infamous location does the final battle occur?

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