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Sorcerer's Stone
In the book, Harry sees about ten relatives in the mirror of Erised. In movie, he only sees... 
Name one obstacle guarding the Sorcerer's Stone that was skipped in the movie. 
In the book, Harry and Ron open the Nimbus in their dormitory. Where do they open it in the movie? Who else is with them? (answer in that order) 
In the book, Harry, Hermione, Neville and Malfoy get detention. In the movie, Neville is replaced by... 
Chamber of Secrets
In the movie, Filch greets Harry and Ron. In the book it is... 
In the book, Ron explains what a Mudblood is, and Hermione didn't know. In movie, who explains it? 
In the book, Professor Binns explains the Chamber of Secrets. In the movie it is... 
In the movie, Harry and Ron overhear McGonagall telling the staff about Ginny while they hide around a corner. In the book, they hide... 
Prisoner of Azkaban
In the movie, what is added on the Knight Bus that does not a appear in the book? 
In the book, Harry meets Ron and Hermione in front of Florean Fortescue's. In the book they meet in... 
In the book, Hermione buys what after meeting Harry? She bought it before in the movie. 
In the book, Neville loses something that he does not lose in the movie. It is... 
What object's history is not explained in the movie that is in the book?  
In the movie, Trelawney's prophecy is when Harry brings back the crystal ball Hermione knocked over. When is it in the book? 
In the movie, Harry, Hermione, and Buckbeak hide in the Forbidden Forest and Hermione makes a werewolf call. Where do they hide in the book? 
In the book, Harry gets the Firebolt for Christmas. In the movie, it is when? 
Goblet of Fire
Which character is added in at the beginning of movie with Voldemort who is not in the book at that scene? 
In the book, Harry is first introduced at the Dursleys'. In the movie, he is at... 
Which character is accused of casting the Dark Mark in book, and does not appear in the movie?  
In the movie, which Triwizard judge is left out? 
In the book, Beauxbatons is co-ed. In the movie, it is... 
In the book Parvati Patil is in Gryffindor and Padma Patil is in Ravenclaw. What house is Padma in in the movie? 
In the movie, Cedric gives Harry the clue about the egg two days before the task. In the book, he does it when? 
In the movie, Neville gives Harry the Gillyweed. In the book, who gives it to him? 
In the book, Harry sees the trials of the Lestranges and Barty Crouch Jr., Karkaroff, and Ludo Bagman in the pensive. Which is the only one he sees in the movie? 
In the movie, Harry finds Crouch when he is with Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid. In the book, he's with... 
When Harry finds Crouch in the book, Crouch is injured and muttering to himself. What state is he in in the movie?  
Name a creature in the maze that Harry fought in the book, but not the movie. 
In the book, Crouch/Moody stuns Fleur. Who stuns her in the movie? (full name) 
In the book, Harry and Cedric fight a spider at the end of the maze. What do they fight in the movie 
Order of the Phoenix
In the movie, five people come to rescue Harry from the Dursleys'. How many in the book? 
In the book, Perkins tells Harry and Mr. Weasley the time of the Hearing was changed. Who told them in the movie? 
In the book, Harry meets Luna on the train. Where in the movie? 
In the book, Dobby shows Harry the Room of the requirement. In the movie it is... 
In the movie, Mr. Weasley is in Grimmauld Place for Christmas. In the book, he is... 
In the book, Neville tells Harry about his parents in St. Mungo's. In the movie, the are... 
In the movie, Harry starts Occlumency right after Mr. Weasley is attacked. When does he start in the book? 
In the book, Marietta Edgecombe tells Umbridge about the D.A. In the movie, it is...  
In the movie, Harry hears the prophecy in the Dept. of Mysteries. In the book, he hears it in... 
Half-Blood Prince
The scene at the beginning of the book with who is left out of the movie? 
In the movie, Dumbledore gets Harry from the train station. In the book, he gets him from... 
Who engagement is not announced in the movie?  
In the movie, who is added with Malfoy as enters Borgin and Burke's? 
In the movie, Luna finds Harry under the cloak on the train. In the book, he is found by... 
Whose memory that Harry saw in the pensive was left out in the movie? (name one) 
Who did Harry tell to follow Malfoy (2)? This was left out in the movie. 
In the movie, Harry never finds out that Malfoy is going somewhere. Where? 
Who is with Harry when he gets rid of the Potions book in the movie? 
In the book, Harry and Dumbledore return and the Dark Mark has been cast over Hogwarts. In the movie, it is cast after Dumbledore is dead by who? 
Which scene is left out at the end of the movie? 
This trouble-making character is left out of the movies. 
In the movies, Petunia and Dudley are dark haired. In the books they have... 

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