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QUIZ: Can you name the Board Games in a Sentence?

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I have a submarine and partol boat
Collect a lot of properties including Boardwalk
You make a four letter combo of colors for you opponent to guess.
Play trains to travel across the U.S. and complete routes
Ask yes or no questions to figure out what card your opponent has.
Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with a revolver
Drop checkers into a grid to get four in a row.
Play words and try to get triple word scores!
Get a variety of resources including wheat and ore to build settlements and cities and get 10 victory points.
The pieces are kings, queens, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns.
Try to conquer the world by conquering territories.
Make drawings that other players try to guess.
Move all four pawns around the board until they reach home.
In this fruity game, green cards say a describing word and everying puts cards in that are best described by it.
Roll the dice and try to get combinations including full house, 3 of a kind and chance.

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