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Can you name the Famous Firearm Cartridges?

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HintCartridgeCartridge Origins and Extra Information
Developed in response to the results of the Thompson-LaGarde tests of 1904.
The definitive bison-hunting cartridge for the famous Sharps rifle.
This British cartridge set the standard for belted, big-game magnum cartridges.
The full name of this cartridge means “for war” in Latin.
Originally a black powder military cartridge for the United States’ Springfield Model 1873 rifle, this cartridge is a popular bear hunting round today.
This revolutionary smokeless cartridge, the first adopted by any military, was created by necking down an 11mm black powder cartridge.
Still popular today, this was the first small-bore metallic cartridge developed for sporting use in America.
The smallest centerfire cartridge in use today.
Adopted by Germany in 1905, this cartridge saw service in many countries around the world.
Developed by the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company in 1887, this cartridge remains the most popular in the world in terms of units sold per year.
While designed by American John M. Browning, this cartridge was first introduced in Belgium in 1899.
The most common shotgun chambering in the United States.
Also known as “9mm Short”, this American-designed cartridge remains a popular chambering in smaller semi-automatic pistols around the world.
The most popular medium-bore magnum cartridge in the United States today.
The standard British handgun cartridge of World War I.
One of the most famous and popular rifle cartridges of all time, the world’s first standard-issue semi-automatic infantry rifle was chambered for it.
Manufactured with a dense plastic core instead of traditional lead, the cartridge can be found in pistols and personal defense weapons around the world.
The standard Japanese handgun cartridge of World War II.
Created by the United States by taking its current rifle cartridge and cutting it down.
The pistol that this cartridge was designed for inspired Han Solo’s blaster in 'Star Wars.'
The inadequacies of this cartridge in taking down tribesmen in the Philippines led the US Army to eventually replace the weapon it was chambered for with the famous M1911 pistol.
Chambered in the longest-serving weapon in use by the United States Military.
The first smokeless, small-bore rifle cartridge adopted by the United States.
The standard French service revolver of World War I chambered this underpowered round.
Based on the .375 H&H Magnum, this magnum sporting round has found a niche in modern military and law enforcement applications as a long-range sniper round.
HintCartridgeCartridge Origins and Extra Information
Used in a short-lived straight-pull bolt-action rifle used by the US Navy.
Developed in 1889, this long-serving cartridge had the distinction of being used in the fastest-firing military bolt action rifle of all time.
Called “the Russian .30-06”, this is the oldest cartridge still in regular combat use today.
The world’s first assault rifle chambered this intermediate cartridge.
First used in the RPD Machine Gun, later rifles chambered for this cartridge are in use around the world.
Controversial when first adopted, this cartridge went on to be the standard NATO rifle round.
The only common shotgun chambering that is named for its caliber rather than its gauge.
The standard service cartridge of most police departments in the United States for most of the twentieth century.
A short-lived round developed in conjunction with the famous 1903 Springfield rifle.
Developed for the famous Colt Peacemaker.
Originally an Italian military cartridge, it achieved infamy as the cartridge that killed John F. Kennedy.
Considered a compromise between the 9mm and .45 ACP.
Developed for use in the last bolt-action rifle to be adopted in the world.
The most powerful standard handgun cartridge in the world when it was developed, this cartridge remains popular with hunters.
Designed to replace an earlier, smaller cartridge used by the Japanese military, this round imitated the performance of .303 British.
Replaced the 7.62x39mm cartridge as the standard service round of the Russian military.
A short-lived intermediate cartridge designed by the British Army after World War II.
Introduced in 1962 along with the famous Remington 700 rifle.
This unique revolver cartridge featured a projectile seated below the lip of the cartridge, which expanded and sealed the chamber when fired.
Used by the famous Desert Eagle pistol.
Used by Spanish soldiers against US troops during the Spanish American War.
The first intermediate round adopted by the United States.
Developed in the mid-1930s, this cartridge ushered in the era of “magnum” handgun cartridges.
Introduced in 1905 for use in magazine-fed Mauser rifles against large game in Africa.
The oldest commercial cartridge loaded today.

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