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Hint4-letter answer
** __ Thomas, UK slang for penis**
First name of singers Jett and Baez
Sum of money lent to someone
Crazy person, simpleton
**Obsolete word for penis; machine in which yarn is woven into fabric**
Impending disaster or ruin
Room for sleeping in
**Penis, in American English**
Flesh of pig used as food
Explicit exhibition of sexual activity in films, books, etc.
**Coarse slang for an erect penis**
Offensive term for Maori people
Dutch exotic dancer : Mata __
**Of a penis: erect, tumid**
**Coarse slang for penis; unit of length**
Fibre prepared for use in weaving
Tributary of the Garonne and French department
Promiscuous woman; male prostitute
Division of a whole
Gone by
Stake, pole
Puzzled, bewildered
Plunder, sack
**Coarse slang for penis**
Occurrence of public disorder
Cleft in the earth
Widespread, prevalent
**Slang for an erection of the penis**
Sensible, sagacious
Slender rod or thread of metal
Hint4-letter answer
Decline in importance, power, or intensity
**US slang for penis (alternate spelling)**
Distinctive flavour or quality
Chinese secret society
**Slang for penis and Australian term of abuse**
Equus asinus (colloquial abbreviation)
**US slang for penis**
Ringing metallic sound
**Canadian slang for penis; derogatory term for a Vietnamese**
**Coarse slang for penis**
Artificial basin in which ships are loaded and unloaded
**Coarse slang for penis**
Second largest city in Ireland
Central part
Feel concern, interest, affection
Violent anger
Tattered clothes
**Penises; dodges, tricks**
Forked devices to hold washing on a clothes line
**Archaic slang for penis**
Popular line of construction toys
Lower limbs
Pulls along, drags
Substance used to make motion smooth, in colloquial speech
**Slang for penis; underground railway system**

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