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**Ubiquitous name for a river in the UK; one of them flows through Bristol**
Older brother of Moses (alternate spelling)
**River and local government district in West Sussex**
Basque town on the border between France and Spain
Modern state formerly known as Persia
Husks of grain separated from flour
Co-founder of Google
Shortened version of Lyndon Johnson's middle name
**Longest river in Northern Ireland**
Cause of ruin, trouble or harm
Division of a window
Latinate prefix for 'almost', 'nearly'
**River that flows through Northampton and empties into the Wash**
Square root of eighty-one
Prong of a fork; tooth of a comb
**The Geordie city lies on it**
Sound having a definite pitch and character
Hundreds of kilos
Terminal members of the human foot
**Stockton straddles it**
Hint4-letter answer
Perceives with the eye
Latin for 'expectation' or 'hope', as in '__ successionis' or '__ recuperandi'
**Scottish river, famous for the whisky distilleries along its banks**
Said goodbye to (a guest, etc.)
Page opposite the editorial page, in American newspapers
Not shut
Name pronounced like 'Eoin'
Is in debt to
Larks are their opposite side
Oilskin garments, in colloquial speech
French word for 'son'
Tool with small raised cutting edges on its surface used to smooth objects
Thin slab used in a series for paving a floor
American weekly news magazine created in 1923
**Rivers that flows through Powys, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire**
Administrative division in modern Greece
Coin worth a tenth of a dollar
Descend into water
Distinguished female singer
**Roman name of the river that flows through Chester**

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