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Name the former leader of Illuminati.
What Country does HHH live in?
Who holds the highest 1v1 Ladder Ranking?
Name an active, former member of WG
Who is inarguably, the most famous female on the warlight forums?
Why was 2v2 Ladder Map Changed?
What State does Fizzer live in?
What is the full name of Fizzer?
Who won the First Seasonal?
Who has the current record for 2v2 ladder?
What player won Season VII?
List the Fogs in the order they are showed on the page, in the form of X, Y, Z
How many starting armies does the 3v3 Ladder Give?
Who made the map used in Season XVII?
What is the term for a bonus containing multiple bonuses?
Who was the first #1 on RT Ladder?
Which official clan was created first?
What map is the Crazy Challenge played on?
Who won Clan League Season 5 Division A?
What is the highest boot time possible?
Which clan has the most total points?
What player owns the winner of Season XIV?
In what circumstance is Gift Cards in 1v1 Logical?
Who founded [20]?
What luck mode does Strategic 1v1 Use?
Who was the first ladder staller?
How many Seasons did Ruthless Bastard finish second before his win?
What player reached Level 65 first?
What was special about Season VI?
Who won the Slammy Award for best troll?

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