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Can you name the Authoritative Parenting Style?

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This is the best type of approach to parenting?
Diana Baumrind 
Authoritative parents give their children a reasonable amount of this...
Some parentsraise their boys one way and girls another way 
Authoritative household allows their children to express their...
Laura E. Berk 
Do to autonomy granting children usually have an upbeat mood or a ...
Laura E. Berk/ Page 570 
What types of demands do authoritative parents make?
Laura E. Berk/ Page 570 
What form decision making do parents and children make?
Laura E. Berk 
How do children do in school when they are raised with authoritative parents?
Laura E. Berk 
How do authoritative parents choose their parenting style?
Comes through personal experience 
What is the difference between authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles when it comes to acceptance?
Diana Baumrind/ Page 570 
When children are able to make some decisions when they are young. How does that relate to their decision making when they are older?
Diana Baumrind 

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