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Highest degree that a chapter can present to a member
Highest Degree in the FFA
Degree given to middle school members
Degree for first year FFA members
Highest degree a state may present to a member
The first national FFA president
The father of the FFA
Wisconsin State FFA advisor
National FFA advisor
Wisconsin State FFA president
Designed FFA jacket
Wrote FFA creed
Smith Hughes act happened in what year
When was the FFA founded
when were the official colors adapted
when was the FFA creed adopted
when did the NFA and FFA merge
When were females let into the FFA
when was the name changed to the National FFA organization
when was the national FFA convention moved back to Louisville, KY
what are the FFA colors
what do all of the paragraphs of the FFA creed start with
at what national convention was the creed adopted
at what two conventions was the FFA creed revised
how many words are in the FFA motto
what symbol represents common ag intrests
what symbol represents wisdom
what symbol represents progress
what symbol represents labor
what symbol represents national scope
what symbol does the president have
what symbol does the vice-president have
what symbol does the secretary have
what symbol does the treasurer have
what symbol does the reporter have
what symbol does the sentinel have
what symbol does the parliamentarian have
what symbol does the advisor have
what does SAE stand for
what does MFE stand for
what does EDGE stand for
what does ALD stand for
what does CDE stand for
what does NAAE stand for
who is the section 4 state officer
who is the Wisconsin FFA president
where was FFA founded
how many sections in Wisconsin
How many pins can you wear on your jacket
Where do you wear your pins
what color is greenhand pin
what color is the chapter pin
what color is the state pin
How many national regions are there
name of FFA magazine
national president
national secretary
national south VP
national central VP
national eastern VP
national western VP

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