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Mixed-Up MovieReal MovieCategory
Bits of Murder (1993)Robin Williams Wonderland
Thin Greek Fish (1991)Robin Williams Wonderland
Mister Demon (1936)The Chaplin Collection
Thrush Lodge (1925)The Chaplin Collection
Dead Morgan (1998)Cheesy Disaster Double-Bill
Neo's I-Pod (2006)Cheesy Disaster Double-Bill
Peter the Dad (2006)Nicholson's Finest
Dire Years (1969)Nicholson's Finest
The Little Asda (1973)Nicholson's Finest
High Tennis(1980)Scary Sunday
Toxic Esther (1973)Scary Sunday
He's Hotter (2001)Kidman's Golden Age
Hurt Shoe (2002)Kidman's Golden Age
More Lung? Oui! (2001)Kidman's Golden Age
Bum in Arse (2010)Dark British Comedy
Bring Sue (2008)Dark British Comedy
Fool's Ruin (2010)Dark British Comedy
Edith Wilton (2007)The Great Outdoors?
Alice Denver (1972)The Great Outdoors?
Pete Rowan (2003)The Great Outdoors?

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