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Mixed-up MovieReal MovieCategory
The Monocle of Roy (1986)Paul Newman Double-bill
Top Slash (1977)Paul Newman Double-bill
Thomas W Hunter (1998)90's Comedy night
Big White Blokes (1998)90's Comedy night
Brief Gown (1999)90's Comedy night
Tax Hermit (1999)Sci-Fi Festival
Toe Humpers (2012)Sci-Fi Festival
Stolen Energy (1973)Sci-Fi Festival
The Deathfrog (1972)Mafioso Matinee
Loads of Leg (1990)Mafioso Matinee
Sperm and I (2002)Super-Hero Season
Salmon Feet (2013)Super-Hero Season
Nurse Pam (1978)Super-Hero Season
Nine Trek Fans (1931)Classic Horror Night
Lone Whale (1978)Classic Horror Night
Shy Cop (1960)Hitchcock Retrospective
No Weird War (1954)Hitchcock Retrospective
Bed Shirt (1963)Hitchcock Retrospective
The Huge Germans (2012)Jennifer Lawrence Selection
Ten Brownies (2010)Jennifer Lawrence Selection

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