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Can you name the famous people whose initials go from FA to FZ?

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FALeonardo DiCaprio played this fraud artist in Catch Me if You Can
FBRaiders WR, and HOF'er, has college award named after him
FCNicknamed Boom-Boom, he was the winner of the '92 Masters
FDAnti-slavery activist and autobiographer
FEHe helped Marx put together the Communist Manifesto
FFHe was the archduke that was assassinated to start WWI, or a Scottish Rock Band
FG8 time pro bowler, his wife Kathy Lee used to partner with Regis in the mornings
FHHe was on the receiving side of the Immaculate Reception
FIRhythm guitarist for My Chemical Romance, and vocalist of the band Leathermouth
FJRunning back for the Dallas Cowboys, drafted out of Arkansas
FKGerman novelist, wrote The Trial and The Metamorphosis
FLCurrent member of the Chelsea football club, also a member of England's national team
FMWon the Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Fargo
FNDirector of Academy Award Winner Ben-Hur
FOAmerican physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project
FP14th President of the United States of America
FQAmerican cartoon producer, won 7 Academy Awards for his work on Tom & Jerry
FROnly MLB player to win the MVP in both the American League and the National League
FSBest known for his role of Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years
FTNicknamed 'The Big Hurt' this ex-major leaguer hit over 500 home runs
FVMexican former major-leaguer, only player to win the Rookie of the Year and CY Young in the same year
FWFamous architect, designed Fallingwater and authored 20 books
FXPioneering Roman Catholic missionary, became a saint in 1622
FYGrammy award winning polka artist, know as America's Polka King
FZGolfer, won the '79 Masters and the '84 US Open

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