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Can you name the famous people with initials that go from AA to AZ?

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AAStar of M*A*S*H
ABInvented the first practical telephone
ACCNN Talk Show host
ADGolden Globe winning actress for Police Woman
AEFamed German scientist, theory of relativity
AFStar of the Scary Movie franchise, and House Bunny
AGPlayed Terry Benedict in the Ocean's Eleven movie trilogy
AHPlays Jason Segel's wife in How I Met Your Mother
AIThe Answer, played many seasons for the Philadelphia 76ers
AJActress, in a domestic relationship with Brad Pitt
AKSinger-songwriter her debut album was Songs in A Minor
ALShe's no sk8erboi
AMA Charmed actress who starred with Tony Danza on Who's the Boss
ANHas a peace prize named after him
AO#8 for the Washington Capitals, prolific goal scorer
APPlayed Tony Montana in Scarface
AQAcademy Award best actor nominee for Zorba the Greek
ARNBC Today's Show weatherman
ASFormer governator of California
ATAuthor of The Joy Luck Club
AUIndy Car driver, winner of the 92 and 94 Indy 500
AVItalian explorer, name inspired the naming of two continents
AWArtist who inspired Pop Art, famous for Campbell's Soup Cans
AXFormer Portuguese soccer player, who also played for the Los Angeles Galaxy
AYParody Song Artist, 'Fat', 'Eat It'
AZActor, played Officer Vince Romano' on T.J. Hooker

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