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Founder of the House
His older son
His younger son
Father of Boromir (not from the Lord of the Rings)
Younger brother of the father of Boromir
Lead some of his people out of Beleriand
Father of Andreth
Younger brother of the father of Andreth
Father of Barahir
Wise woman who loved Aegnor
Wise woman's younger sister
Oldest child of Bregor
Second child of Bregor
Father of Baragund
Fourth child of Bregor
Led the company of twelve outlaws
Son of Belen
Husband of Adanel
Father of Emeldir
Wife of Barahir
Son of Arachon and Bregil
Wife of Handir
The Lame
Ancestor of Beregar and Erendis
Older son of Bregolas
Younger son of Bregolas
Daughter of Baragund
Daughter of Belegund
Slayer of Glaurung; Son of Morwen
Older daughter of Hurin
Younger daughter of Hurin
Eladar; Son of Rian
Husband of Luthien; Son of Barahir
Twin son of Eluchil
Twin son of Eluchil
Mother of Tar-Minyatur
The Mariner
First king of Numenor
Husband of Celebrian
Twin son of Celebrian
Twin son of Celebrian
Second king of Reunited Kingdom
Oldest child of Elros
Second child of Elros
Third child of Elros
Youngest child of Elros
Descendant of Bereth
Descendant of Elros; Husband of Undomiel

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