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Founder of the House
Child of Miriel Serinde
Red-haired son of Feanor
Second son of Feanor
The Fair; Son of Feanor
Hot-headed son of Feanor
The most cunning son of Feanor
Red-haired twin son of Feanor
Telufinwe; Ambarto
Son of Curufin; Lord of Eregion
Oldest child of Indis
Oldest son of Indis
Third child of Indis
Youngest son of Indis
Possible fifth child of Indis
Lord of one of the houses of Gondolin killed by balrog and later resurrected and sent back to Middle-Earth; possible son of Findis or Irime
Oldest son of Fingolfin
King of Gondolin; Second child of Fingolfin
Daughter of Fingolfin
Youngest child of Fingolfin
Father of Voronwe; Possibly a child of Irime
Son of Aranwe
Oldest son of Finarfin
Second child of Finarfin
Third child of Finarfin
Youngest child of Finarfin; Artanis
Daughter of Turgon
Son of Eol and Aredhel
Son of Angrod or son of Finarfin
Son of Orodreth or son of Fingon
Daughter of Orodreth
Daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel
Son of Idril
Twin son of the son of Idril
Twin son of the son of Idril
Twin son of Celebrian and Elrond
Twin son of Celebrian and Elrond
Daughter of Celebrian and Elrond
Descendant of Elros; Son of Arathorn
Son of Elessar

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