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Brother of Tar-Minyatur
Twin son of that brother
Twin son of that brother
Daughter of that brother
Oldest child of Elros
Second child of Elros
Third child of Elros
Youngest child of Elros
Oldest son of Vardamir
Second child of Vardamir
Third child of Vardamir
Youngest child of Vardamir
Fourth king of Numenor
Second child of Tar-Amandil
Third child of Tar-Amandil
Son of Earendur
Son of Caliondo
Oldest child of Tar-Elendil; Wife of Ellatan
Second child of Tar-Elendil
Youngest child of Tar-Elendil
Son of Ellatan and Silmarien; First lord of Andunie
Oldest child of Tar-Meneldur; Husband of Erendis
Second child of Tar-Meneldur; Wife of Orchaldor
Youngest child of Tar-Meneldur
Only child of Aldarion and Erendis; First ruling queen
Son of Orchaldor and Ailinel
Oldest child of Nolondil
Second child of Nolondil
Youngest child of Nolondil
Oldest child of Axantur
Second child of Axantur
Youngest child of Axantur
Older child of Cemendur
Younger child of Cemendur
Older child of Hallacar
Younger child of Hallacar; Husband of Tar-Ancalime
Son of Tar-Ancalime and Hallatan
Youngest child of Tar-Anarion
Older child of Tar-Surion; Second ruling queen
Younger child of Tar-Surion
Son of Isilmo
Son of Tar-Minastir
Son and heir of Tar-Ciryatan; The Great
Son of Tar-Atanamir
Son of Tar-Ancalimon; Searched for Mithril
Daughter of Tar-Telemmaite; Third ruling queen
Husband of Tar-Vanimelde; Descendant of Tar-Atanamir
Son of Tar-Anducal
Son of Tar-Alcarin
Older son of Tar-Calmacil
Younger son of Tar-Calmacil
Son of Tar-Ardamin; First to take his name in Adunaic
Son of Ar-Adunakhor
Son of Ar-Zimrathon
Son of Ar-Sakalthor
Son of 14th Lord of Andunie; Descendant of Ellatan and Silmarien
Daughter of 14th Lord of Andunie; Descendant of Ellatan and Silmarien
Daughter of Lindorie; Wife of Ar-Gimilzor
Older son of Ar-Gimilzor and Inzilbeth; Repented
Younger son of Ar-Gimilzor and Inzilbeth
Daughter of Tar-Palantir
Husband of Miriel; Son of Gimilkhad; Mightiest of the kings of Numenor
Grandson of Earendur, 15th Lord of Andunie
Son of Numendil
Son of Amandil
Older son of Elendil; Kings of Arnor
Younger son of Elendil; Kings of Gondor
Oldest son of Isildur
Second son of Isildur
Third son of Isildur
Youngest son of Isildur
Son of Valandil
Son of Eldacar
Son of Arantar
Son of Tarcil
Son of Tarondor
Son of Valandur
Son of Elendur
Oldest son of Earendur; Kings of Arthedain
Son of Amlaith
Son of Beleg
Son of Mallor
Son of Celepharn
Son of Celebrindor
Son of Malvegil
Son of Argeleb I
Son of Arveleg I
Son of Araphor
Son of Argeleb II
Son of Arvegil
Son of Arveleg II
Son of Araval
Son of Araphant; Last king of Arnor (Arthedain)
Youngest child of Anarion and his only son; Last child to be born on Numenor
Son of Meneldil
Son of Cemendur
Son of Earendil
Son of Anardil
Son of Ostoher
Son of Romendacil I
Son of Turambar
Son of Atanatar I
Older son of Siriondil; First childless king
Younger son of Siriondil
Son of Tarciryan
Son of Earnil I
Son of Ciryandil
Son of Hyarmendacil I
Older son of Atanatar II Alcarin; Second childless king
Younger son of Atanatar II
Older son of Calmacil
Younger son of Calmacil
Son of Romendacil II; Husband of Vidumavi
Son of Valacar and Vidumavi
Older son of Eldacar; Killed by Castamir
Younger son of Eldacar
Grandson of Calimehtar; The Usurper
Great-grandson of Castamir
Great-grandson of Castamir
Son of Aldamir
Son of Hyarmendacil II
Older son of Minardil; Him and his children died during the Great Plague
Younger son of Minardil
Son of Minastan
Son of Tarondor
Older son of Telumehtar
Younger son of Telumehtar
Son of Narmacil II
Son of Calimehtar
Nephew of Ondoher
Son of Arciryas
Son of Calimmacil
Son of Siriondil
Son of Earnil II; Last king of Gondor
Oldest son of Ondoher
Second child of Ondoher
Youngest child of Ondoher; Wife of king Arvedui of Arnor
Son of Arvedui and Firiel; First chieftain of the Dunedain
Son of Aranarth
Son of Arahael
Son of Aranuir
Son of Aravir
Son of Aragorn I
Son of Araglas
Son of Arahad I
Son of Aragost
Son of Aravorn
Son of Arahad II
Son of Arassuil
Son of Arathorn I
Son of Argonui
Son of Arador
Wife of Arathorn II; Daughter of Dirhael and Ivorwen; Descendant of Arahael's brother
Son of Arathorn II and Gilraen; Last chieftain of the Dunedain; First king of Reunited Kingdom
Son of Aragorn II and Arwen, daughter of Elrond, brother of Elros

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